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Rader HD - Panelized Home BuilderWhat is a “Panelized Home”?

There are several different types of “pre-fabricated” homes. One popular type of construction is called a “panelized home” or “open wall package”. Amwood Homes furnishes the most complete panelized home package in the Midwest.

Builders and homebuyers today have recognized that building a new home “stick by stick” is often not the most efficient building method.  Increasingly, homes are being built using a “panelized building system” – a construction technique that utilizes advanced technology, quality materials, and a controlled work environment – to build wall panels and other components to construct an energy-efficient and durable home in less time.

There are 3 major components delivered to the job site:  engineered floor system, interior & exterior walls and the roof trusses. If the home has a concrete foundation it is installed prior to the delivery of the Amwood framing package.

Today’s panelized home building systems retain the best aspects of “stick” frame construction.  They combine time-tested building methods with modern technology to deliver customizable, energy efficient, beautiful new homes.

Building Better Than the Old Fashioned Way: Benefits of a Panelized Home
Flexible Design

Whether you are looking for a modern or traditional design, contemporary or rustic feel, a home can be designed to fit your needs and budget with endless options to customize your home.
With computer-assisted design (CAD) programs, designers can turn just about any idea into a working blueprint.  The plans for your home can be sent directly from a designer’s computer to the shop floor, ensuring your home is built accurately and efficiently.
Saves Time, Saves Money

Your new home’s panels can be designed and fabricated in our manufacturing facility a few days before being shipped to your home site.
Once on site, the shell of a panelized home can be framed and made weather-tight in a matter of days, reducing labor expenses.
Delays because of weather, material delivery, and subcontractor schedules – often unavoidable in stick-built construction – are much less of a problem with a panelized home, because the construction is substantially completed in a controlled factory environment.  Thus reducing time and costs to you.
Quality Construction

Each worker in a panelized facility has been trained to do a particular job and is an expert in that specialized aspect of home construction, resulting in higher quality and more consistency.
State-of-the art machines produce panels that are built to the highest standard, ensuring your home is built precisely square and dimensionally correct.
Your home’s plans are built to meet your local building codes before they leave the facility, even if your area requires special features to compensate for high winds, excessive snow loads and other considerations.

For more information on Panelized Homes go to the National Association of Homebuilders website:


Over the past forty years, Amwood Homes has established a reputation for expert construction, quality craftsmanship, and personalized customer service. We work with over a hundred local builders in six Midwestern states to provide our customers with custom designed and skillfully constructed homes.

By constructing the floor deck system, wall panels, and roof trusses in a specialized manufacturing facility and then shipping them to the building site, our company was able to develop and implement standardized construction methods nearly four decades ago. Not only does this allow for better cost control and consistently superior quality, it also results in less wasted materials. In fact, Amwood’s system was environmentally conscious long before such practices were commonplace within the building industry.

Superior Quality Homes
Your home is your best investment. At Amwood Homes, this is our motto – and our building philosophy. From the design conception to the day you’re ready to move in, our team works for you. We have cultivated long-lasting relationships with the industry’s top suppliers to ensure that only the best products are used in your home’s construction. By staying on top of industry trends and utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Amwood is able to provide our clients with the home they want – and the one that they can enjoy for years to come.

Firm Pricing
Once you have selected your home site and floor plan, you will choose your interior and exterior design. While Amwood offers hundreds of plans that you can use, we can customize your home to suit your individual needs, too. Once these choices are made, your local Amwood builder will give you a firm price. This price is locked in, and it won’t change due to market fluctuations, weather delays, or other unexpected charges.

Decreased Construction Time
Since the floor deck system, wall panels, and roof trusses are constructed in a specialized manufacturing facility and then shipped to the building site, Amwood saves you time – and money. Inclement weather is a common reason that slows down many other home builders. But with the Amwood system, the typical building time is reduced by an average of four weeks. Plus, once all the components arrive at the building site, our crews are able to assemble and secure your home much quicker. This means that the building materials will be protected from the elements and that interior work can begin that much sooner.

Easier Coordination of the Building Process
Because Amwood has established a relationship with your local builder, the entire construction process runs much more efficiently. From coordinating with subcontractors to keeping you informed of your home’s progress, Amwood home builders ensure that your building experience is a positive one.

Since its inception in 1959, Amwood Homes has integrated eco-friendly practices into our standard building process. We are committed to educating our builders about energy efficiency, sustainability, and green building practices.

Our company supports Green Built Home, a national award winning green building initiative that reviews and certifies new homes that meet sustainable building and energy standards. We also support Energy Star, a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, which works to protect the environment through promoting energy efficient products and practices.

Green Built Home

A program of Wisconsin Environmental Initiative in partnership with the Madison Area Builders Association, Green Built Home promotes green building practices by certifying new homes that meet sustainable building and energy standards. By promoting building practices and products that reduce the ecological footprint of home construction, their aim is to encourage sustainable community development.

Amwood Homes encourages local builders to become certified green builders. This involves meeting key building requirements that integrate eco-conscious practices as well as registering each home with Green Built Home. In order to do this, each home must comply with Energy Star standards and pass a thorough inspection. To learn more, review the New Home Checklist.

Energy Star

In order to earn the Energy Star, our homes must meet guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. According to the Energy Star website, these homes are at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code (IRC) and include additional energy-saving features that typically make them 20-30% more efficient than standard homes.

For individuals interested in green building, creating an energy-efficient home is the first step. Why is that? It’s simple: the energy used in homes often comes from the burning of fossil fuels at power plants, which contributes to smog, acid rain, and global warming. As a result, the less energy used results in less air pollution. To find out more, read how Green Begins with Energy Star.

When Your “Nest” Has Been Destroyed

We at Amwood Homes understand that your first priority after disaster strikes is getting your family settled into a new home as soon as possible. Our Amwood Homes team is here to help you do just that. We will give your home priority drafting and expedited construction up until the time we complete the framing of your home component package. Your local Amwood Builder and his subcontracting team will expedite the completion of your home package.

Our experienced team, including our builder network, staff and experienced tradespeople, will all work towards that goal.

Amwood realizes that your circumstances are unexpected, and we will assist you through this process in every way we can. If you choose to rebuild on your existing foundation or start from scratch, our drafting department will assist you in designing a home to fit your needs.

Amwood also offers additional discounts exclusively to victims of a disaster such as fire, flood or tornado damage. (Note:  This offer cannot be combined with other special offers)

Why should your new home be an Amwood Home?

  • Custom Design Service – We will build to meet your foundation size.
  • Guaranteed Pricing – No surprises at the end.
  • Quicker on-site framing – Much of the work is done by our crew in the plant.
  • Fewer Weather Delays – Getting you back into your home as soon as possible.
  • Energy Efficient Design – This may be your best chance to modernize your home.
  • 10-year Structural Warranty – For your peace of mind.

To find out more about our Disaster Relief Program call us at 1-800-84HOMES, or contact your local Amwood Homes Builder.

As a small token of our appreciation for the sacrifices that veterans and current members of the Armed Forces have made, Amwood will offer a special discount on the Amwood Package. This discount will approximate $1.00 per square foot of home depending on the exact specifications chosen from Amwood Homes.

This discount is available on any Amwood single family owner occupied home from our featured selection or a custom design.

To be eligible for the discount a customer must have served in the military for 1 year or more. (Note: this offer cannot be combined with other special offers).

We have the full details and will be pleased to show you the exact discount for the home of your choice.

As an approved Member in Residential Warranty Company, LLC, we are able to add this important feature to every home we build.

What does this mean for you? It means that:

  • Your home was built by a professional who has met all criteria for membership by one of the largest most reputable warranty companies in the country
  • You will receive a written warranty document spelling out everything that is covered and how to get concerns addressed if any should arise.
  • Your home’s resale value may increase if sold within the warranty period as the RWC warranty is transferable.
  • You have peace of mind, even in challenging economic times, that your home will have warranty protection for the entire warranty term.
  • For all 10 years, the Warranty includes protection on warranted structural elements in your home, as defined in your Warranty book.

When Amwood Homes chose RWC as our warranty provider, we made the decision to provide our customers with a written and insured commitment that your home will be free from specified defects.  Your RWC warranty is independently written and administered and remains in place for 10 years, regardless of what the future holds.

** Note that the Warranty is “limited” which means you are responsible for maintaining your home, from changing lightbulbs to maintaining proper drainage patterns.  Areas which are not part of the primary residence, such as driveways, are excluded from your Warranty and some products come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information:

Amwood Homes One Year Service Policy – When purchasing your home through an Authorized Amwood Homes builder you will receive a One Year Service Policy. Upon your home closing your Amwood builder will provide you with a Warranty Packet that includes the warranty policies of products that are included in your home, such as windows, doors, siding and cabinets. The Amwood Home One Year Service Policy is included with each home we build (per the terms of the Limited Service Policy).

Amwood One Year Limited Service Policy

Amwood Testimonials

“We want D-H Builders and Amwood Homes to know how much we appreciate the new home they built for us.”

Our home was not only completed on schedule and within budget, it also met every specification detail that we requested.  The home is perfectly scaled for our needs at this point in our life, yet it has most of beautiful amenities that much more expensive homes enjoy today.

Thanks to the meticulous attention by Ron, the home’s building site was kept clean, organized, and safe for all to be on.  We want D-H Builders and Amwood Homes to know how much we appreciate the new home they built for us.  We expect our home will keep us safe and comfortable for many, many years to come!

– Dennis & Linda

“I can tell you as a first time home builder, I know I have the right crew building my house.”

We are in the process of construction of a home in Johnson Creek with Tim and Peggy Bare of Preferred Building Systems. During the beginning of the building process, the neighbors were two weeks ahead on staking and digging the basement.  Then one week ahead of footings and basement walls.  Then we both back filled the same day.  Last Thursday, we had exterior and interior walls, and they had two piles of wood. When I left this afternoon, I had trusses and they had the deck and one exterior wall.  I can tell you as a first time home builder, I know I have the right crew building my house.

– Patrick

“We know we’ll enjoy our new home for many years to come!”

We want you to know how pleased we are with our new home! It’s as beautiful as we envisioned.  We’re so excited to be moving in this weekend.

It was enjoyable working with you.  You did everything in a professional manner. You kept us informed of the progress throughout the entire project. We especially like that you let us know in a timely fashion when we needed to order accessories and paint.  We were impressed that when a problem arose you were not above stepping in and helping. It was hard work for all of us but it all went smoothly.

Thank you for being the excellent contractor we expected and for building a high quality house for us.  We know we’ll enjoy our new home for many years to come!

– Tom and Janet

“Thanks for building me a great cottage viewing Delavan Lake!”

To Advantage Homes, an Amwood Builder:

Thanks for building me a great cottage viewing Delavan Lake!  I had originally contracted with another builder to build a home that really wasn’t what I wasnted, and was much more expensive and then I found Advantage Homes!  From the start of the plan I had in mind you presented a workable budget and final plans that were what I wanted.  I was so happy to be kept in the loop from a distance what was happending with pictures and emails.

I’m very happy with the quality construction, energy efficiency, and timely performance of your Advantage Homes team and would happily recommend building with you to anyone!

– Kathy

“Thank you so much for your services, care, and concern in building our new home.”

To everyone at Northern Paradise Homes, an Amwood builder:
Thank you so much for your services, care, and concern in building our new home. When we were planning to build, many of our friends and family told us that the process would be very stressful – a test of strength of our marriage. They were all wrong.

The way you conduct yourselves in business had us at ease from the day we walked into your model home right through the day we moved into our home. Your responsiveness to our questions and concerns was wonderful. Too many times these days, business people seem so interested right until the check or contract is signed – then they forget who you are. You stuck with us through the whole process, even on days when you had too many hours in by the time we called.

Thanks again for everything that you have done for us. We would recommend your services to anyone planning on building a new home (in fact, we already have!)

– Dave and Carol

“We just wanted to say thank you for your hard work in building our home!”

We just wanted to say thank you for your hard work in building our home! It all turned out beautiful and we are so happy with everything. Thank you for sending someone out for the window trim and basement cleaning – it all turned out so nice! You guys are great.

– Brandon, Lydia, and Avarie

“We look forward to many more family gatherings in it throughout the years to come!”

The building process was made easier by your updates and the timely manner in which all of the subcontractors did their work.  At least once a week, if not more often, you called and informed us about the work that would be completed or the choices that needed to be made to ensure construction kept moving ahead.

Our home was beautifully and thoughtfully constructed using quality products.  We look forward to many more family gatherings in it throughout the years to come!

– Gary and Sarah

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